Robin and David D.

Standard Features Better Than More Expensive Homes

This was our first time building a house and working with a custom builder.  We were overwhelmed with the experience of having to pick a floor plan and every item that would go into the house.  For ideas, we would go through magazines, to open houses and to Parade of Homes.  Once we arrived at the stores to pick things out, it was difficult to know where to begin with so many options to choose from.

All of this was made easier after our first meeting with the Reinerts.  They provided a 3 ring binder full of forms in the proper order that took us through the selection process for each item and included our allowances. In addition, a list of preferred subcontractors and suppliers was provided with contact information.  By going with the preferred list, we were able to go to suppliers and see what was considered the Reinert Standard for each item.  We often found the Reinert Standard to be better than what other builders offer in houses 2, 3 and 4 times the price of our house.  By working with the preferred list, suppliers gave us discounted prices on items and subcontractors worked directly with us for some of the extras, which often allowed us to pay the subcontractor’s price, not an inflated price that included the builder. An instance did arise where we needed to bring in our own subcontractor for a home theater installation.  It was a very smooth process that was handled with a couple of phone calls.  The construction of our house was often ahead of schedule for each phase and was completed on time.

During the construction of our house we had questions and concerns about things being done to our expectations.  The Reinert team was always responsive to our issues and worked quickly to resolve any misunderstandings.  If it was an issue with the work of a subcontractor they handled it without our involvement.  This same responsiveness was carried through in our 6 month and 1 year walk-throughs.

Construction felt more like a friendship than a business relationship because of the pride they took in their work and their willingness to do whatever it took to satisfy our desires.  If the opportunity presents itself again we would be more than happy to build another custom home with the Reinert team.

Robin & David D.

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